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Acceleration Services

Acceleration services are designed to facilitate and catalyze the process of institutional transformation of Higher Education Institutions in the field of research and Innovation, and are characterized by an innovative feature that crosses the domains.” Acceleration services are:

Living labs:  a systematic user co-creation approach, integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings

Design lab for transformational pathways: conducting innovative research around different targeted topics

Counselling: empowering and supporting universities by providing guidance and best practice examples

Reinforce human capital capacity building: provide the skillset and capabilities to implementers through different educational and learning activities

Predictive study on skills anticipation: support universities in rethinking investments in education and training based on a predictive model that foretells how labor market and skills will evolve in response to the evolution of key macro-trends

Marketplace: facilitate the identification of funding opportunities, collaborations or alliance, and opportunities for researchers to commercialize their research results

Community of Practice (CoP): a group of people who share expertise and experiences in institutional transformation in HEI, feeding the project activities with knowledge, methods, and tools.



  • A more open and inclusive R&I system
  • Improved capacities within the EU R&I system to conduct open science
  • Researchers benefit from attractive career
  • Knowledge and a highly skilled workforce circulate freely
  • Deepen the ERA
  • Increased number of interconnected knowledge ecosystems


  • Reform and Enhance the EU R&I system
  • Increased trust in science and R&I outcomes, and greater two-way communication between science and society
  • Increased engagement of citizens with research and innovation
  • Improved knowledge for policy-making about the
    networking patterns of research support staff and research management
  • Inclusive gender equality is promoted


  • Modernizing higher education sector
  • Greater quality of scientific production
  • Stronger translation of R&I results into the economy
  • Synergies between research & innovation and higher education policies and programmers