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The CATALISI Community of Practices (CoP) will be composed by a group of people, belonging to different sectors, who share common interests, valuable and different expertise and experience in institutional transformation in HEIs.

Members of the CoP will engage in joint activities and discussions, and will share experience to build collective knowledge in their shared domain of interest.
The role of CoP is to feed the project activities with relevant expertise, methods, stories, tools and documents /publications, providing advice and guidance for the transformation of Higher Education Institution’s governance, while simultaneously benefiting from the knowledge generated by CATALISI In this way the CoP will create a safe learning environment that allows people to learn by doing. The CoP will be supported by a knowledge sharing online platform that will maintain the community alive. CoP members will be selected from the categories of: education and research, digitalization and ICT, marketing, policy-makers, funding organisations, civil society.

Members of the CoP will engage in joint activities and discussions, co-create actions and share experience and good practices, ultimately contributing to the acceleration of transformations in the governance of CATALISI HEIs in the field of Research & Innovation, which will strengthen European Universities collaborations and alliances as lighthouses of European values.


Who can join?

Any expert and/or and experienced professional in Higher Education, and/or works in a Higher Education Institution, or is a policy maker dealing with HEIs, or is interested in the transformation of Higher Education Institutions in areas such as Mobility of researchers, digitization, gender equality, inclusiveness, open science, sustainability in research, and wants to share expertise, ideas, stories, methods, tools, recurring problems, to foster synergies and receive/provide support in transforming the governance of the Higher Education Institutions in the fields of Research & Innovation.

The CoP is open also to stakeholders with diverse background and experience from the quadruple helix, including industry partners, policy-makers, funding organizations and civil society organizations.

Why join CATALISI Community of Practice (CoP)?


Members of the CATALISI CoP will:

  • Benefit from the knowledge, innovative practices and activities (e.g. co-creative events, thematic workshops, Mutual Learning events) generated by CATALISI initiative;
  • Learn from the experience of a wide community of stakeholders on institutional transformation of Higher Education Institutions;
  • Contribute to provide strategic guidance, new ideas, approaches, and solutions that can inform and guide the project activities, maximize the impact of project results as well as cross-fertilize the pathway of institutional transformation in HEIs in and beyond the CATALISI project.

Application procedure

The Call is open to a broad range of professionals and stakeholders coming from EU Member State and Countries associated with Horizon Europe.

Participation in the Community of Practice will not be remunerated and Members of the CoP will be involved to participate in the project activities on a voluntary basis at least twice a year.

The applicants who aim to be involved in the CoP should show interest and experience in the following areas: open science, public engagement and outreach of research, life-long learning, digitalization of research, talent support and circulation, funding opportunities, commercialization of research, capacity building, gender and inclusiveness plans. In addition, applicants should be knowledgeable and interested in the topic of Institutional transformation of higher education institutions.

Interested people can check out our Terms of Reference and apply by completing the form [link below]. All applicants will receive email notifications regarding the acceptance of their application.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at