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The University of Gdańsk has a 50-year tradition and comprises 11 faculties offering education in 89 fields of study.

The university has 23,969 students with an annual number of approximately 6,000 graduates. The academic staff comprises 1,810 members with 6,011 foreign students studying at the university. The university has 145 clubs and other student scientific organizations and 4 research stations in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is a member of the European Seaside University SEA-EU and the Fahrenheit University Association, along with Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk, with an aim to build one of the strongest academic centers in Poland and Europe. The university has 3 modern campuses located in Gdynia, Sopot, and the largest in Gdańsk with 8 faculties. It also owns the largest scientific library in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. To meet the needs of businesses, the university focuses on the commercialization of research through the Technology Transfer Center, UG Univentum Labs, and the Center for Analysis and Expertise. The University of Gdańsk also collaborates with the social and economic environment by implementing the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development through the Center for Sustainable Development.

 UG’s role in CATALISI

In CATALISI, The University of Gdańsk has been assigned various roles in the project, including communication, dissemination, and engagement. The university will also act as a research performer and will provide education and training in different fields. Contributions from the social sciences and humanities are also expected from the university.

The University of Gdańsk team will be involved in different aspects of the project. They will focus on the human capital in the area of supporting the circulation and mobility of talents. The team will also conduct research on the digitization of scientific research as part of open science, with the aim of reaching a wider conscious society. Additionally, they will contribute in the area of finance, with a specific focus on sustainability in campus operations.

 UG team:

Sebastian Susmarski is an assistant profesor at the Department of Banking and Finance.  Currently, he is the Director of the Office of Analysis and Expertise at the University of Gdańsk. Actually, he coordinates 10 bussines projects. He has been realized as a formal coordinator above hundred business projects at the University of Gdańsk. He transfers his practical experience to the university, being a co-author and a member of the implementation team of the controlling system at the University of Gdańsk. He directeds his interests towards innovations, being one of the originators and a member of the Research Commercialisation Team at the University of Gdańsk. He has been a project manager one of national project and a principal investigator in a few national scientific projects.

Sylwia Maria Mrozowska Vice-rector for Cooperation and Development (UG), and a professor of the University of Gdansk of political science at the Department of Social Sciences, 2020-2022 Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development and Member of Coordination Council of Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal, member of Team Europe Poland. She is also manager, coordinator and executor of research and development projects including the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Centre for Research and Development, Horizon 2020, Interreg South Baltic, the Jean Monnet Programme. She was coordinator Jean Monnet Modules (Erasmus +) “Energy for the Future. European Studies to the Challenges in the European Union” (587453-EPP-1-PL-EPPJMO-MODULE), Norway grant “Raising the awareness of students of social sciences in the field of environment and climate change” (FSS/2014/HEI/0099/4/0021), coordinator (2022-2023) reSEArch-EU (Reinforcing SustainablE Actions, resilience, cooperation and harmonisation across and by the SEA-EU Alliance), Horizon 2020; investigator (2023-2026) RE-WIRING “Realising Girls’ and Women’s Inclusion, Representation and Empowerment, (101094497), Horizon Europe  and  (2023-2024) CATALISI “Catalysation of institutional transformations of Higher Education Institutions through the adoption of acceleration services” (101094917) HORIZON-WIDERA. Her research interests focus on: europeanisation, energy-climate policy, sustainable development, Science-Technology-Society (STS).

Dariusz Tłoczyński is profesor at the University of Gdańsk. Currently, he is Head of Department of Transport Market at the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk, Poland.  He is an author over 150 scientific papers in English and Polish. He has been a principal investigator in 2 projects and a co-investigtor and team member in more than 10 publicly funded business and scientific projects. His primary research interest include air transport economics and operations, mobility, insurance risk analysis, sports business, urban infrastructure management. He is an expert in the field of air transport market.

Przemysław Borkowski is a professor of economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk. He is currently vice-dean of the faculty responsible for science and international cooperation. His research interests are in the fields of transport economics and risk management. He was involved in several EU Framework Programs with projects like GRACE, CATRIN, INTERCONNECT, ORIGAMI, COMPASS, IC-EU, and SEAMOTRA. He was also involved as an expert for the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure on transport projects as well as in the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament presenting expert opinions for this body. He was also responsible for the development of 3 English language study programs and chairing the Forwarding and Logistics Competition event involving more than 6000 participants for 6 years.

Agnieszka Szmelter-Jarosz is an assistant professor at the Department of Logistics, Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk, Poland. She is an author of over 70 scientific papers in English and Polish. Her book “Synergy phenomenon in supply logistics” was awarded by The Polish Centre for Analyses in Transport and Infrastructure. Her major scientific interests are logistics strategies and mobility choices. She is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, SAP Certified Application Associate and Design Thinking Moderator. Her main research areas are logistics strategies in global supply chains, quality management, mobility services and Industry 4.0.

Joanna Czerepko, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Department of Transportation Market, Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk, Poland. She has previously worked for companies in the consultancy sector. She is an author of a few scientific papers in English and Polish and the book about crossborder shopping. She has been a co-investigtor and team member in projects founded by European Union. Her main research area are consumption patterns (including sustainability), sustainability policy in companies and sustainable mobility.

Monika Adamczuk graduated from the University of Gdansk with a Master’s degree in Management, specialization in Investment and Real Estate at the Faculty of Management. She also completed postgraduate studies in Accounting and Finance at the same Faculty. Since October 2022, she has served as Director of the Cooperation and Development Office at the University of Gdansk and is responsible for cooperation with the socio-economic environment. Previously, she worked for almost 11 years in the Development Projects Office at the University of Gdansk as Deputy Director of the Office and Head of the Project Monitoring Section. She coordinated approximately 240 external inspections and audits of projects. Since the beginning of her professional path, i.e. since 2008, she has been associated with EU projects, when she worked at a consulting company that provided comprehensive consulting services to entities in the broader public sector. She was responsible for assisting in the preparation of investment feasibility studies for projects subsidized by EU structural funds. She participated in the implementation of two university-wide EU projects “European University of the Seas – SEA-EU” (Erasmus+ Program) and “PROgram for Development of the University of Gdansk” (Operational Program Knowledge Education and Development 2014-2020). She is currently participating in the just-launched continuation of the Erasmus+ project entitled “SEA-EU for all – The European University of the Seas Alliance navigating towards modern and co-transformative inter-campus life; people-driven, planet-friendly and knowledge-based progress for all.”

Izabela Disterheft Master of Economics, graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. She also completed post-graduate studies in project management. She wrote her master’s thesis based on a scholarship stay at the University of Piraeus. He has over 15 years of experience in the real estate market, team management, business development, and international cooperation. Previously, she was a Team leader at Gdansk Economic Development Agency, Director of the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, the President of the largest Polish ICT Cluster, and the Member of the Management Board of the Capital Fund – Unicorn Nest. She is familiar with both – Polish startup scene as well as the specifics of global corporates. During her professional career she has worked in an international, governmental and academic environment. She approaches issues holistically and creatively. The values that guide her in her work and cooperation are, above all, trust and transparency.

Expert in developing long term relationships. Energized by challenge and ambiguity, excellent problem solver. Enjoys program managing multiple strategic initiatives simultaneously. Natural at public speaking, presenting and facilitating. Performs meticulous attention to detail, excellent communication, and organizational skills. At university of Gdansk, she is involved in such projects as: SEA- EU, Re-SEArch EU, CHIC and CATALISI.

Katarzyna Markiewisz, PhD, is specialist in Office for Analysis and Expertise’s, University of Gdańsk, Poland. She has been a project manager project financial by the National Science Centre of Poland. She coordinates the work of expert teams implementing contracts with external partners. She acquires principals of expertise, analysis and opinions for the University. She cooperates with employees-contractors of the University in preparing bids for the development of expertise, analysis and opinions. She acts for the needs of interested business entities and public administration units and individuals in the preparation of specialized analyses, expertise and opinions. She carries out administrative work involving the implementation of services at the University of Gdańsk.