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Amsterdam UMC is a leading medical center that combines complex high-quality patient care, innovative scientific research, and education of the next generation health care professionals. We believe that health care practice, research and education belong together, with each shaping and informing the other. 


Amsterdam UMC has arisen from the (administrative) merger of Amsterdam’s two academic hospitals, the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in 2018. Amsterdam UMC represents the medical faculties of the two universities associated: the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Amsterdam UMC is home to eight research institutes: informal networks of research groups and departments working on various aspects of the same research theme. Several of the research institutes are joint institutes with other faculties of the University of Amsterdam and/or the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

About the Vrije Universteit AmsterdamWe focus on four profile themes: Connected World, Governance for Society, Human Health and Life Sciences, and Science for Sustainability. VU Amsterdam is a unique university with faculties in the humanities, STEM, social sciences and medical sciences. Our education and research are closely linked. We combine our top position in research with a strong social orientation, which has resulted in an excellent international reputation. Our education and research are distinctly multidisciplinary. This is reinforced by the fact that our faculties are all located on one campus. We are a true campus university in the heart of the Zuidas Knowledge District, sharing its excellent national and international position and accessibility.

 AUMC’s role in CATALISI

As an implementing Higher Education Institution, Amsterdam UMC will focus on implementing innovations specifically in the areas of responsible conduct of research: 1) Recognition of qualifications and research careers and 2)Reform of research assessment Amsterdam UMC will contribute expertise especially in the fields of responsible conduct of research and education. AUMC will also contribute expertise to the topics of 1) Gender equality and inclusiveness, 2) mainstreaming of open science and digitization of research and 3) sustainability in research.

 AUMC team:

Mariëtte van den Hoven is professor of medical ethics at Amsterdam University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Her work focuses on research integrity and research ethics: she has coordinated INTEGRITY, a Horizon2020 project and an Erasmus+ project on the same topic. Currently she is the chair of the Netherlands Research Integrity Network and builds a centre for research integrity and open science within the university campus. She has recently established NERQ, a network for education in research quality, together with prof. Priess-Buchheit from Kiel in Germany, supported by the European commission. Other relevant expertise are professional ethics, public health ethics and ethics education. 

Dr. Miriam van Loon is a senior researcher and teacher in medical ethics and integrity at Amsterdam University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and is involved in different (international) research projects about academic integrity and research ethics. She is involved in the development of integrity education for different target groups and also teaches in these topics.

Dr. Natalie Evans is a Social Scientist with a background in Public Health and Anthropology and a long-term interest in ethics. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Ethics, Law and Humanities, Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC). 

A former Marie Curie PhD Fellow, Natalie currently leads the Global Engagement activities of the European Commission funded PREPARED project, which aims to develop an ethics and integrity framework for research in times of crises.  

In the last five years, she has also led a Stakeholder Consultation for the ENTIRE project, which built The Embassy of Good Science, and was the Scientific Manager for the successful VIRT2UE project, which developed a Research Integrity programme from a virtue ethics perspective and trained nearly 500 trainers, and 4000 researchers, across Europe. Through VIRT2UE, Natalie has trained research integrity trainers from Europe, Africa, and North America. Natalie is also the coordinator of the Research Integrity PhD Training at VUmc as well as contributing to a number of bioethics and global health courses across Amsterdam. Within AmsterdamUMC, Natalie is the Research Integrity Programme lead and coordinates the Research Integrity Training for all PhD students.