Transformational changes underway – CATALISI workshop at UJI

As part of the series of CATALISI workshops that aim at transformation changes withing seven universities, on July 3rd CATALISI partners Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) as well as European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) introduced the project and engaged stakeholders while focusing on CATALISI intervention areas.

UJI’s workshop was divided into two parts. The first one was focused on UJI’s internal needs as an implementor whereas the second one focussed on the interaction between internal and external stakeholders (academia, business, civil society, public administrations) that exchanged and discussed their experiences.

The topics that were discussed in the first session were “research assessment, recognition of research careers and gender equality” and “public engagement and citizen science”. The participants were divided into these two thematic groups according to their expertise. Later, in the second part of the session, internal and external stakeholders discussed, again in two separate groups (according to their expertise), the topics of “gender equality” and “public engagement and citizen science”.

The diversity of the internal stakeholders, as well as the strive for the necessary transformation could be seen through the ones attending the session – from UJI’s vice rectors (of research, social policies and innovation and science outreach) to technicians with expertise on specific areas. Also, external stakeholders from different business in Castellón (specially focused on tourism), local administrations and civil society (ethical committee for tourism, local foundation for gender equality) attended the second part of the session.

The workshop was closed as a very successful one, engaging the stakeholders from quadruple helix and providing necessary feedback to implementors and just first in the line, so stay tuned for more information and insights that our stakeholders will share!

CATALISI partner, University Jaume I at ETHNA SYSTEM Final Conference on Responsible Research and Innovation

On 15th and 16th of June, members of the University Jaume I CATALISI team had the opportunity to participate in the ETHNA SYSTEM Final Conference on Ethics and Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice in Castellón de la Plana (Spain). 

ETHNA is a European project focused on promoting internal management to ensure responsible research and innovation (RRI) within universities. Elsa González Esteban, from UJI’s research group “Ethics and Democracy” and also a CATALISI member, is the main researcher of the project.

CATALISI member Carlota Carretero made a notable impact by presenting a poster that explained the project’s general approach, intervention areas, and UJI’s specific transformative goals for the institution.


“It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and exchange views with experts on research assessment, ethics and innovation”
Carlota Carretero

Top management representatives from UJI’s government attended the conference, as well as national and international experts in research innovation and research ethics, such as Eva Méndez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) or Ana Marušić (University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia). During the poster walk, experiences and impressions were shared with other participants, including colleagues from APRE, CATALISI coordinator. The conference was a great chance to learn more about the transformations currently being carried out in research assessment, open access and research ethics. In addition, its content came across as inspiring and as a great next step to discuss different viewpoints on complex issues with such a huge impact on researchers’ careers and science development.

“This conference set a great environment for sharing knowledge and experiences with participants from different institutions and countries”
Ramón Feenstra