Reinforcing the Role of Universities in Local Innovation Systems: Insights from the CATALISI 4th Webinar

The CATALISI project continues to drive transformative change in higher education institutions, and its 4th webinar is no exception. Titled “Reinforcing the Role of Universities in Local Innovation Systems,” this event featured insights from Roberto San Salvador del Valle, Director of Deusto Cities Lab Chair, who shared thoughts and proposals on the UniverCity concept, an innovation ecosystem that blends technological innovation and human values.

Roberto highlighted the importance of moving beyond purely economic innovation. He emphasized the need for societal and democratic values in innovation to address the pressing global challenges we face today. This approach aligns perfectly with the CATALISI project’s objectives of fostering dynamic and collaborative environments for knowledge-sharing and institutional transformation.

Universities as Beacons of Innovation

Roberto’s message is clear: universities must serve as beacons of innovation, making conscious choices about areas to innovate that will genuinely benefit local communities. With their unique insights into their ecosystems, universities are in a prime position to understand and leverage their impact on cities and territories.

The CATALISI project supports this vision by facilitating knowledge-sharing, infrastructure development, and resource mobilization among higher education institutions (HEIs). By encouraging the dissemination of acquired knowledge and best practices, CATALISI promotes institutional transformations that are not only impactful but also sustainable.


For those who missed the live webinar, there’s good news. The recording is available on the CATALISI Learning Hub repository. This resource will provide valuable insights and guidance for HEIs looking to enhance their role in local innovation systems.

Stay tuned to the CATALISI Learning Hub for more updates and resources.

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